Anglesey, North Wales                                                           Photos by Hetty

We stayed at Aberffraw 8th to 15th September 2023

In 1200 this was a port and Prince Llewelyn had a palace here. The river then was very wide, but now the estuary is full of sand dunes

9th September 2023

We did three walks today and covered a total of 10.5 miles

Walk 1. Aberffraw circular coastal walk north to the church in the sea 5.3 miles

Bridge built in 1731

Looking up and down the river

The sandy beach is huge. The mountains of Snowdonia are in the background

We walked up the coast

to the church that is in the sea at high tide

Walk 2. A walk at Rosneigr 2.5 miles

A few miles up the coast is another estuary filled with sand

A statue in honour of an Anglesey-born war hero

Walk 3. A walk from Aberffraw down the estuary to the coast and south, returning over the sand dunes 2.8 miles

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