Lynton and Lynmouth


Photos by Hetty

19th May 2021

  1. Lynmouth to Valley of Rocks

Map of walk  3.8 miles  1.44 hrs

We parked in Lynmouth and walked to the mouth of the river


There is a cliff railway

but we walked up the steep zig-zag path which crosses the railway, with stunning views

Cliff railway – one comes down as the other comes up

There are feral goats on the cliffs

We turn away from the cliffs into the Valley of Rocks

Then climb up higher and look down on the peaks that we looked up to before

Then round to the sea side again, but much higher than before

Lynton Town Hall – front and back

Some of the bluebells are pink


2. Lynmouth to Watersmeet

Map of walk  4.3 miles  2 hrs

In the afternoon we walked to Watersmeet, following the noisy river which tumbles over boulders. First, we walked by the water, then up through the woods.

Where two rivers meet there is a tea room, which used to be a fishing lodge, but it was closed.


We followed the riverside path back to Lynmouth for fish and chips.

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