Monday 15th September 2014                                                          All photos by Hetty

We took a bus to Copenhagen Central Station then a 30 minute train ride to Roskilde – former medieval capital city.

Click here for Denmark map. You can zoom in

We used these walking tours as a basis for our day:

Click here for map of our walk. Distance 6 miles. Time 7 hours (including museum visit)

From the station we walked to the Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady), built end of 11th century; the convent was destroyed in the 1600s.

Town hall – the tower, built c.1500, was the tower of Skt. Laurentil Kirke (St Lawrence Church)

Roskilde Domkirke (cathedral) is on the UNESCO’s World Heritage list (this building was started in 1170). It has the tombs of over 40 kings and queens of Denmark.

King Christian 4’s private box (c.1600)

The altar piece, c.1560

Behind the altar piece, taken from the gallery that runs all around

Marble sarcophagi in the chancel

The clock – Each hour St George kills the dragon

There are lots of gratings – this is at the Trolle family’s vault

Krag’s chapel

Christian 9’s chapel – Three sculptures by Edvard Eriksen, who made The Little Mermaid

St  Birgitta’s chapel with frescoes from 1500s

Christian 4’s chapel

Queen Margete 1’s sarcophagus

Frederik 5’s chapel

Christian 1’s chapel

From outside the cathedral you can see the fjord (above roofs on right)

Medieval royal palace

Headmaster spring

Magle spring

Back to the cathedral

View to Roskilde fjord

Skt.Ibs Kirke (St Ibs Church) built c.1100

Thatched-roofed cottages – St Agnes houses – where St Agnes convent stood

Roskilde harbour

From the harbour you can see the cathedral on a ‘hill’ 40m above sea-level

The Viking Ship Museum has 5 real Viking ships that were found in the fjord, believe to have been sunk in the 11th century to block a channel.

There is a boatyard where they have made replica Viking ships

and they repair old ships

The harbour

Then another short walk

Skt. Jorgensberg Kirke

Back to the harbour

then we walked back to the station

Next day – Open Air Museum

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