4th July 2016                                                    Photos by Hetty

S1051782 copyUpton upon Severn was granted to Winchcombe Abbey in 897. It became a busy port, and the first bridge over the river was built of wood c.1480. There are black and white houses dating from the 1600s, and Georgian ones from the 1700s indicate the prosperity  of the time

There are lovely flower displays

S1051781 copy

S1051780 copy

And one is a dog!

S1051778 copy

S1051786 copy

The ‘Pepper Pot’ is all that remains of a 13th century church, whose spire was replaced by a cupola in 1770. It is now the tourist information and heritage centre

S1051824 copy

The Tudor House Museum dates from 1550


S1051773 copy

These buildings are both dated 1601S1051775 copy


S1051789 copy

Don’t walk out of this door!

S1051790 copy

S1051791 copy S1051794 copy

S1051797 copy

S1051798 copy

S1051818 copyThe White Lion dates from 1510

S1051819 copy

S1051804 copyThis was the workhouse

S1051805 copy

Upton Muggery – with mugs outside

S1051810 copy S1051811 copy

S1051812 copy

This garage was originally a chapel. It has an old petrol pump

S1051815 copy

Former fire station

S1051816 copy

S1051814 copy

S1051817 copy


This was the Manor House – with upper windows painted on

S1051822 copy


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