BOWOOD House and Garden


2nd July 2021                                                    Photos by Hetty

We stopped at Bowood on the way to Dorset


One of the lions is asleep

Next – Old Sarum


10th June 2016                                                 

Bowood House and Garden is a member of the Historic Houses Association

First we walked in the grounds to the lake (man-made, designed by Capability Brown).

S1051440 copy S1051441 copy

There are lots of different types of trees

S1051443 copy

We saw some deer – this was the only one that kept still long enough to photograph

S1051444 copy

Wild orchids and rhododendrons

S1051447 copyS1051450 copy


S1051451 copy S1051453 copy

Looks like a banana tree – how is it growing outside?

S1051457 copy

The cascade

S1051459 copyGrottos and temples were fashionable

S1051463 copy S1051465 copy

S1051462 copy

There were lots of geese

S1051467 copy  S1051478 copy

The boat house

S1051480 copyThe 18th century house behind a ha-ha. Although this is large, ‘the big house’ was demolished in the 1950s.S1051481 copy

S1051486 copy

Squares instead of stripes on the lawn. Shame Mr H doesn’t want to mow our lawn like that.


S1051487 copy

The lake is huge, and there is a submerged village in it

S1051490 copy

On the terrace

S1051488 copy  S1051492 copy S1051494 copy

S1051495 copy

S1051496 copy

Originally an orangery, scientist Dr Joseph Priestley, discovered oxygen here in 1774 – he was the children’s tutor.

S1051499 copy

After a tour of the house,  we went to the Woodland Garden on another part of the estate – only open late April to mid June, for the rhododendrons, azaleas and magnolias

S1051502 copy S1051503 copy S1051508 copy S1051509 copy S1051512 copy S1051513 copyS1051526 copy

The Mausoleum

S1051517 copy


S1051520 copy

S1051522 copy


S1051518 copy

S1051519 copy

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