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We spent two weeks in September 2019 in beautiful Sardinia, with sunshine every day. (Why did we take jumpers? It was hot – 28 to 31 degrees). We flew from Bristol and arrived at Olbia airport at 13.50. It is a short bus ride into the city centre, and by 14.50 we were at our accommodation. This gave us the afternoon and evening to explore and find the bus and train stations, and a nearby supermarket (as we were self-catering).

We stayed in 3 places and only used public transport:

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Olbia to visit the Emerald Coast

Cagliari built on several hills, so there are magnificent views. We went to San Sperate and Nora

Sassari and north-west Sardinia: Porto Torres, Alghero and Castelsardo

Link to my interactive map of Sardinia

We saw lots of these flowers:


We loved these two colour Lantana flowers

oleanders and prickly pears

On the flight home, we had a good view of the islands near Palau, and a bit of Corsica

and here we are back over Weston-Super-Mare

What a lovely holiday!

Hetty’s travel tips for using public transport in Sardinia

The cities have there own bus services and the ARST buses go between towns.

See my travel tips for Italy but, although the buses and trains in Sardinia are good, they are not very frequent between towns and cities. We planned all our routes before we booked the accommodation and it all worked well – you just have to fit your day around the timetable and make sure you don’t miss the bus (the next one might be in 2 hours).

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