Lugano, Switzerland

June 2013 Day 3 our holiday in Locarno

Train to Lugano, bus, then funicular to the top of Monte Bre

We walked  8.5 km = 5.3 miles, descent 2184 ft

View from the top

We walked down to Bre village

We walked down forest steps to Gandria on the lake shore, then caught a bus to Lugano

Lake Lugano

Day 5

Train to Lugano Paridiso & funicular up Monte San Salvatore 



We had a picnic in Carona


After walking down to Vico Morcote we caught a bus to Melide and Swiss miniature


Mini Chateau de Chillon near Montreux


The trains, cars & cable cars all worked

Day 13       We took the train from Locarno to Lugano Paridiso, then walked along lake side to Lugano

Lugano Old Town

On the way back to Locarno by train, we stopped off at Lamone. There we hiked to St Zeno church

4.7km = 3 miles   ascent & descent each 780 ft

At the top is St Zeno church built in 1490

View of Lake Lugano from the top

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