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2nd May 2015                   Map of Pisa                                  Introduction to this holiday

After a week in the Cinque Terre, we spent a day in Pisa before flying to Malta

We left our cases at the Pisa Centrale railway station, left luggage office (€4 per bag), and walked through the historic streets of Pisa:

Through Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, across the River Arno, to Piazza Dante

S1056358 copy

S1056365 copy

S1056366 copyS1056367 copy

The Campanile of San Nicola, is another leaning tower. This church has a model inside

S1056369 copy S1056370 copy S1056371 copy

We reach the Piazza dei Miracoli, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where there are hundreds of tourists

S1056376 copy

The Leaning Tower is the cathedral’s campanile = bell tower. It was started in the 12th century and has leaned since before it was finished, as it is built on soft ground. It is about 60m high, and now has a slightly curve, due to attempts to correct the lean and stop it falling.

S1056374 copyS1056489 copyS1056480 copy

You can climb the spiral steps inside the tower, but it costs €18 each (we didn’t)

S1056481 copy S1056482 copy

We paid €7 per person to visit the Baptistry + Camposanto Monumentale (cemetery) – the cathedral is free (but you still have to get a ticket).                                    Ticket information

The Baptistery (founded in the 12th century) also leans

S1056377 copy

S1056448 copy

S1056385 copy S1056380 copy

S1056389 copy

S1056403 copy

S1056402 copy

S1056388 copy

We did climb the steps in the wall of the Baptistery

S1056394 copy

The Camposanto Monumentale is a massive cemetery, founded in 1277 for the old tombs that were scattered around the cathedral. It has been rebuilt after being badly damaged in WW2. At the end are part of the 12th century city walls

S1056444 copy

S1056445 copy

S1056432 copy

There are Roman sarcophagi, one with a door left ajar,

S1056439 copy

S1056415 copy

and sculptures

S1056435 copy

S1056428 copy

S1056429 copy

S1056433 copy

S1056426 copy

S1056416 copy

S1056417 copy S1056419 copy

The restored frescoes date from about 1360 to 1660

S1056408 copy S1056411 copy

S1056420 copy S1056423 copy

There are some pictures here of how it looked inside in the 19th century

The Duomo = cathedral – started in the 11th centuryS1056381 copy

It has a marble façade with bronze doors

S1056453 copyS1056451 copy


S1056460 copyS1056465 copy

S1056475 copy

S1056468 copy

S1056459 copy

On the way back to the railway station we saw:

Chiesa di Santa Caterina d’Alessandria

S1056495 copy S1056500 copy

S1056501 copy

Piazza dei Cavalieri

S1056502 copyS1056504 copy

Chiesa di Santo Stefano dei Cavalieri

S1056505 copy

S1056506 copy S1056507 copy S1056508 copy

Galileo’s family lived here

S1056511 copy

Chiesa San Michele in Borgo

S1056513 copy

Piazza del Pozzetto and Garibaldi statue

S1056514 copyCity walls

S1056520 copy S1056521 copy

S1056523 copy S1056526 copy S1056527 copy

Pisa is a very interesting city to walk around

We walked back to the railway station, collected our bags and took the airport shuttle bus to the airport

Next – Malta

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