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3rd May 2015                                                                                         All photos by Hetty

We used the Sunflower Malta walks book, Walk 8 – 5.9 miles, ascent 625 ft, nominally 2h 35m

We took the bus from Bugibba towards Targa Gap, and got off at the Rihana bus stop at Wiel l- Arkata

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Gosh it is hot – 29 degrees C, but it was only 19 degrees in Italy yesterday!

There is no breeze and little shade, so even a slope is hard work.

How do the vines grow when it is so dry? It is only May but the crop are ready to cut

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There are cacti everywhere

S1056572 copyS1056580 copy


Mellieha in the distance,                                                                              and St Paul’s Bay

S1056573 copyS1056576 copy


Bidnija church

S1056582 copyS1056583 copy


Here is some welcome shade, with a shrine in the grotto

S1056584 copyS1056586 copy


A fancy entrance. There are lots of dry stone walls made with round stone

S1056590 copyS1056592 copy


Pwales valley,                                                                                          and St Paul’s Bay

S1056593 copyS1056595 copy


No trees

S1056596 copyS1056603 copy


A chapel and two statues

S1056605 copyS1056604 copyS1056606 copy

St Paul’s Bay from Xemxija – Buigibba, where we are staying, on left

S1056608 copyS1056610 copyS1056611 copyWe caught a bus back to Bugibba

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