Llandeilo area

Carmarthenshire, Wales                                                    Photos by Hetty

21st to 25th June 2022

We stayed near Court Henry for four nights. From our accommodation we could see a ruined castle and a tower, so we had to visit them – both had panoramic views.

Dryslwyn Castle  https://cadw.gov.wales/visit/places-to-visit/dryslwyn-castle

Paxton’s Tower  


Roman Gold Mine at Dolaucothi                           www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dolaucothi

The Romans were here for 200 years; the Victorians looked and a search was made in the early 1900s. The mining equipment here now represents mining in the 1930s.

A guide took us up hill

to see the Roman gold mines, where one of the tunnels was surprisingly big

Dinefwr Castle and Newton House


Newton House

White cattle and deer

Dinefwr Castle

Newton House

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