7th June 2022

Coln House school – formerly the lunatic asylum


Fairford Heritage Trail

September 2014

Park Lodge – 19th century gate house for Fairford Park


Fairford Mill 17th century, but there was one recorded in the Doomsday book

There are lots of swans and ducks, and we saw some trout

Two swans went for a walk and sat down – on the road. Several cars weaved between the swans – not necessarily slowing down


Milton Farm (left)

River Coln and Retort House – former gas & coke works


Former White Hart Court pub

Half timbered Post Office adn  former Coaching Inn next door


The other side of the market place

Tudor cottage and Tudor House

Former Police Station & Magistrates Court 1860

Road from the hospital and The Croft

Farmor’s school – now a community centre

Fairford Church, rebuilt 1490s and tabletop tombs, characteristic of wealthy clothiers

Click here for The History of St Mary’s Church

The church has the only near complete set of medieval stained glass windows in Britain

Tomb of John Tame, who rebuilt the church

One of the misericords

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