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19th June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

Sissinghurst Castle Garden – National Trust

Central gateway (1530s) with north and south wings (1560s)

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The granary of the farm

S1058079 copyThe name castle was acquired because of the 16th century tower, when 3,000 French sailors were imprisoned here in the 1700s

S1058083 copyS1058097 copy

Views of the garden from the top of the tower

S1058084 copy S1058086 copy S1058087 copy S1058092 copy S1058093 copy S1058094 copy

The garden was created in the 1930s from a derelict farm

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S1058105 copy  S1058107 copy S1058108 copy

Part of the moat

S1058109 copy S1058111 copy

S1058118 copyS1058113 copy S1058114 copy S1058115 copy S1058117 copy  S1058119 copy

Oast housesS1058122 copy S1058124 copy

A door in this tree!

S1058134 copy S1058138 copy S1058139 copy S1058140 copy

Surrounding countryside

S1058143 copy

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