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14th June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

We parked at Richborough Roman Fort and then walked into Sandwich (2 miles)

Map of walk

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S1057697 copySandwich is said to be England’s best-preserved medieval town, and was once a port.

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St Mary’s church dates from the 11th century. The tower collapsed in 1667, due to an earthquake in 1580 (when 165 ships sank in the English Channel)

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The 14th-century St Thomas’ Hospital

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The Guildhall

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S1057714 copySt Peters

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S1057719 copy The Barbican Gate, late 14th century, still has the table of tolls

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S1057722 copy On the quay, Fisher Gate, enlarged in 1581, was one of the gates to the walled town and had a portcullis

S1057723 copySt Clement’s church dates from the 12th century

S1057724 copyWeavers building

S1057725 copyThe Pilgrims, Strand St, used to be on the edge of the river

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S1057727 copy

S1057728 copy

We then walked back to Richborough Roman Fort (English Heritage)

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