LONGLEAT House and Gardens

S1051886 copyNear Warminster, Wiltshire

6th July 2016                                                                      Photos by Hetty

We visited Longleat house and gardens, (member of HHA)  but the only lions we saw were statues

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Originally there was a priory here, but the house burnt down after it had been purchased, following the dissolution of monasteries. The Elizabethan house was completed in 1580 for John Thynne and his descendent still live there. The house was enlarged by Wren in the late 1600s. Capability Brown landscaped the grounds and removed the formal gardens. It was Italianised in the 1880s.

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There are lions heads inside and out, and there was a menagerie here in the 1700s, so there has been a long association of Longleat with animals. The house was first opened to the public in 1949 and the Safari Park opened in 1966

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There are lions on the coat of arms

S1051898 copyWe went into the house and saw Lord Bath’s murals, then toured the grand rooms

S1051882 copyThere are modern formal gardens

Sun Maze

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S1051900 copy

Lunar Labyrinth

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There are peacock hedges

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Former stables – very grand too

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One of these ‘clocks’ is attached to the weather vane

S1051919 copy

The Love Labyrinth in front of the Orangery

S1051928 copy

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S1051932 copy

S1051934 copy

S1051935 copyThe Half Mile Lake

S1051936 copy

S1051937 copyOn the way home we stopped at Bradford on Avon

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