Lombardy, Italy                                                                                                   All photos by Hetty

June 2017                                                                   For a map of Lake Como, see introduction

We took the bus to Menaggio and walked to Lake Piano                    Map of walk   7.3 miles, nearly 5 hours

Hydrangea with blue and pink flowers

Bellagio is at the point

Loveno church

We are walking to that village, but there is a gorge in between – we have to go steeply down and up the other side

We reach Cardano

Cardano wash house

These donkeys were noisy

A good place for a picnic

This oak tree is Il Rogolone – over 300 years old and 8m in circumference

Lake Lugano, with Lake Piano in front – in the dim and distant past they were joined

San Giorgio church

Lake Piano

Lake Lugano

Lake Piano

The village of Piano di Porlezza

Lake Piano

Then we caught the bus back to Menaggio

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