3rd September 2015                                                                            All photos by Hetty

We had a guided tour by a family friend (who went to school with Hetty’s mum)

Market Place

S1059271 copyS1059295 copy

St Edward’s Church

S1059277 copy

S1059275 copy

Beautiful embroideries

S1059272 copy S1059273 copy

S1059274 copyRemains of a pre-Norman cross

S1059278 copy

The Green Dragon dates from the 1560s  S1059276 copy

The gate to 17th century Greystones

S1059280 copyThe Nicholson Institute 1884, and school 1904

S1059279 copy

S1059281 copy  S1059283 copy

S1059282 copy

War Memorial with four clocks

S1059284 copy

Getliffes Yard

S1059285 copy S1059288 copy  S1059290 copy

Former Manchester & Liverpool Banking Co, 1882S1059292 copy

The Roebuck 1626, and Trinity Church

S1059293 copy

St Edward Street

S1059294 copy

All Saints arts and crafts church

S1059298 copy

S1059302 copy

S1059305 copyMore beautiful embroideries

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