Beeches Green – Wheel Nuts

Stroud, Gloucestershire

24th April 2016                                                    Photos by Hetty

This house was originally called Coopers Hill, built c.1800. It became a hotel, then part of St Roses Special School.

St Martin’s statue is in the grounds

S1051059 copy

233 St Martin's statue

Each year they have ‘Wheel Nuts’, a classic car show. Someone said that there were about 500 cars this year!

This was the oldest – 1904

S1051051 copy

S1051034 copy S1051035 copy

S1051036 copy S1051037 copy

S1051038 copy S1051039 copy

S1051040 copy S1051041 copy

S1051042 copy S1051043 copy

S1051044 copy S1051045 copy

S1051047 copy S1051048 copy

S1051049 copy

S1051052 copy

S1051055 copy S1051056 copy

It was a lovely day, so should have been a good fund raiser

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