Amalfi Coast

Campania, Italy                                                   All photos by Hetty

June 2012

There is only one road along the coast, which is high on a cliff, with hair-pin bends, and is not always wide enough for 2 coaches to pass – an exciting journey!


Ravello is high up on a cliff, with fantastic views

There are a lot of ceramic workshops in the area


Ravello church

Ravello has 2 large gardens that were made by English men.

Villa Cimbrone


Amalfi has a very unusual cathedral

Amalfi has a dramatic valley with derelict paper mills

Ravello is on the top of the cliff

Looking down on Amalfi from Torre del Ziro


The Path of the Gods

This was the reason we went to Italy – and it was lovely. We took a bus to Amalfi, a bus up hairpin bends to Bomerano, then walked the ‘Path of the Gods’ to Positano

Fantastic views of cliffs above and below.

Montepertuso = the hole in the mountain


It looks like the houses are built on top of one another

On another day at Positano: at 10am the pebbles were too hot to walk on barefoot. Fortunately we found a rock half in the sea, to sit on, to take our shoes off, and we stood in the sea in the shade of this large rock



St Agata to Torca

We walked from St Agata (390m/1280 ft) to Torca, then down a step path,

then down 700 steps to a cove, on a very hot day The only trouble was  – it was 700 steps up again, and our destination was at 330m/ 1082 ft

Termini to Recommone Beach

From Termini 320m/1049 ft we climbed up steps to San Costanzo church, 420m/1377 ft, which overlooks Nerono and  Marina del Cantone.

We walked back down to Termini and then down to Nerono then to Marina del Cantone and around the headland to Recommone

Marina del Cantone with San Costanzo church on the peak

Recommone Bay

A lovely holiday

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