4th May 2015                                Map of Malta and Gozo                        All photos by Hetty

Comino and Gozo from the air (on our flight home)

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We went by bus to Cirkewwa, to catch the ferry to Gozo.

Looking towards Mgarr harbour, on Gozo

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We pass the island of Comino – it has a hotel, but no houses

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We used the hop-on-hop-off bus to see the island. Many of the streets are very narrow.

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Balconies of wood or stone are characteristic of Gozo and Malta

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Victoria is the main town on the island

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The Citadel at Victoria – we’ll come back and visit it later  S1056679 copy

An aqueduct, built about 1840,  brought water to Victoria

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We stop off at Dwejra Bay, where there are several geological features:

Fungus Rock

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The beautiful Azure Window  S1056715 copy S1056720 copy

The inland sea – a tunnel connects it to the sea

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A chapel at the beach

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Back on the bus and through Victoria again

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We alight at Xlendi Bay, originally a fishing village.

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We cross the bridge to reach the Xlendi Tower (built in 1658).

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View from the bridge

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Back in Victoria we visit the Citadel

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Views from the Citadel

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Back in the town

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Back on the bus

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Next stop Ramla Bay. We watched a flock of birds while we waited for the bus.

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On the bus returning to the ferry – there is Malta

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On the ferry, passing Comino

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