Netherlands                                                                                            Photos by Hetty

25 June to 4 July 2024

We went to the Netherlands by train and had a great time. We stayed at Gouda from June 25 to July 4 and had good weather.

Gouda has an elaborate town hall in a huge market place, with markets several times a week.

There are windmills, lots of historic buildings, canals and a moat around the old town

Lots of bikes but little other traffic in the old centre, but car parking is an art – by the canals in between trees, with the driver getting out by the water, generally with no railings.

On Thursdays they re-enact the cheese market.

The merchant inspects the cheese and agrees a price with the farmer

The cheeses are loaded onto the cart and taken to the weighhouse to be weighed

We stayed at the house left of this church

In our street was the former fish market, now seating for restaurants

Entrances to the museum

We took a boat trip and heard some stories

House boats on the moat

Some bridges lift, others swing and one has the road staying flat but rising vertically

Former factories

Windmill by the old habour

Former fulling mill by the windmill

A model post mill in the garden


Almshouses round a courtyard

The water is near the top here on left

A modern station, with statues

Cheeses across the street

Printer and Erasmus

The world upside down


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