Wallingford – villages and places nearby

Oxfordshire                                                                             Photos by Hetty

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  • Crowmarsh Gifford
  • Maharaja’s Well
  • Millets Farm
  • Nettlebed
  • Nuffield Place

Crowmarsh Gifford

Wallingford and Crowmarsh are connected by Wallingford Bridge

14th February 2024

Maharaja’s Well

Stoke Row, between Wallingford and Henley -on-Thames www.chilterns.org.uk/map_marker/the-maharajahs-well/

18th July 2023

This Victorian well was a gift from an Indian prince

Millets Farm

Frilford, Oxfordshire

23 August 2023


between Wallingford and Henley -on-Thames

18th July 2023

18th century kiln

Nuffield Place

24th May 2023  www.nationaltrust.org.uk/visit/oxfordshire-buckinghamshire-berkshire/nuffield-place

Home of William Morris, later Lord Nuffield and founder of the Morris Motor Company

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