Two churches and wild daffodils

28th March 2015                                                                      All photos by Hetty

We parked at Kempley, 12 miles NW of Gloucester, on an overcast day – luckily it didn’t rain!

Map of walk                 Distance 3miles, total time 2 hours

We walked passed St Edwards church (built 1903), with wild daffodils in the churchyardS1055540 copy

S1055542 copy

Kempley CourtS1055543

St Mary’s church is a most unusual Norman church, with original roof timbers. It was built about 1130, with the tower added in about 1200. It is looked after by English Heritage. More info here

S1055547 copy


S1055554 copy

It has very rare medieval wall paintings in the chancel, dating from the 12th century, which are often considered to be the finest in Britain. They had been whitewashed over, and were uncovered in 1871. There are more photos here

S1055555 copy

S1055556 copy

14th century wall paintings in the naveS1055557 copy

In the tower is the parish chest (c.1500), for storing valuablesS1055550 copy

S1055558 copy

Wild daffodils in St Mary’s churchyardS1055559 copy

Wild daffodils at the edge of a fieldS1055561 copy

A monument in a fieldS1055564 copy

Big lambs, and little lambs

S1055562 copy



Back to St Edwards churchS1055570 copy

Wild daffodils at the roadside

S1055572 copyS1055574 copy


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