Olbia and the Emerald Coast

Sardinia, Italy                                                                 All photos by Hetty

We stayed in OLBIA for 4 nights, 5th to 8th September 2019, near the old centre, train and bus stations and the harbour.

My map of Olbia                Link to my interactive map of Sardinia

We passed this fountain in Piazza Matteotti on the way to the buses and trains

We explored different bits of Olbia each day.

San Simplico church had a model of it outside

Some ancient walls from the Punic Era (before the Romans came)

Church of St Paul the Apostle with a colourful dome roof

The Town Hall

Ancient paving revealed, out side the Town Hall

In the Archaeology Museum at the harbour-side are the remains of Roman boats which were burnt in the harbour by the Vandals in 450 AD. We were surprised how big the boats were.


Link to my interactive map of Sardinia

The Emerald Coast – Cala Sabina to Marinella 6th September 2019

A walk from bay to bay admiring the lovely views and colours of the sea

Our first trip was by train from Olbia (10.17) to Cala Sabrina (10.36). It is a tiny station – just a platform, minutes from the beach, where there were lots of white sand daffodils.

First we wandered north-east to look across the bay

then we wandered along the beach to the west and looked back

Following a track east we cross the headland and came to the next bay

This was a good place to have a paddle as we could sit on a rock to make trousers into shorts, remove shoes and socks and put them all in a bag. Then we walked in the water along the shore-line for a bit until we came across a rock that was part in the water, to step onto without getting sandy. We sat there to eat a sandwich while our feet dried, so we didn’t use the towels we were carrying.

We are heading towards the boats on the island

Now we have arrived at Marinella, with its port and little church

View from the breakwater

Lots of oleander bushes

Inside the little church at Marinella

View from Blu Beach

We were fascinated by the colours in the sea

It wasn’t far to walk to the Marinella station for the 14.00 train to Olbia (14.13). We had plenty of time for a wander in Olbia and a visit to the archaeology museum at 5pm (see above)


The Emerald Coast – Palau 7th September 2019

We took a bus north from Olbia (8.30) to Palau (ferry terminal 9.45), where ferries cross to La Maddalena Island

First we walked north along the coast

to the lighthouse

then back to the marina

and around to Punta Nera

There was a wooded area – Pineta di Punts Nero – which was a shady place to sit for a while, then we went back into Palau for the 14.37 bus to Portisco (15.28).

It is a short walk from the bus stop down hill to Portisco port

We had an hour there, then walked back uphill to the bus stop for the 17.08 bus to Olbia (17.32)


Costa Corallina – Porto Istana to Porto San Paolo 8th September 2019

This time we went south by bus from Olbia (9.30) to Murta Marina (9.50). We had to walk about 30 minutes to Porto Istana as it was the wrong day for a bus. Then we were on the coast, which we followed to Porto San Paolo.

We felt rather over-dressed with our trousers and walking shoes

View of Isola Tavolara

Walking from one sandy bay to the next, we soon lost the crowds

An old lime kiln

La marina di Costa Corallina

From the coast at Porto San Paolo it was only 10 minutes to the main road to catch the 13.12 bus back to Olbia, where we wandered around the historic centre and Parco Fausto Noce.

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