Coates church and canal

Gloucestershire                                                                                Photos by Hetty

22nd April 2018

A visit with Stroud U3A Church History and Architecture Group

St Mathews Church, Coates, dates from the 13th century

A small door

Norman doorway

Silver dove on the chandelier

In the tower

Tudor doorway


2 children of this family died on the same day

Norman font

Anthropophagous grotesque – he is eating a man

Early 15th century tower


Near the church we spotted this

We also walked to the canal                                 Map of walk

The canal is dry here

Skew railway bridge

Coates Roundhouse built 1790 as a lengthsman’s cottage. It had an inverted roof to collect rain water

There is water here

The  Coates entrance to the Sapperton Tunnel

Tunnel House Inn – originally for the navvies building the canal in the 1780s

From above the canal portal

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