Painswick via Bull’s Cross, from Stroud


6th August 2016                                                    Photos by Hetty

We walked from Stroud up Folly Lane, and at the end continued along the ancient track to Bull’s Cross, then down the field to Painswick, and up through the town

Map of walk nearly 4 miles

View to Swift’s Hill in the Slad Valley

S1052868 copy

Through the woodS1052876 copy

S1052881 copy

Seats at Bull’s Cross

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Painswick from Bull’s Cross

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Getting nearer to PainswickS1052885 copy

Painswick Mill’s pond, in Ticklestone Lane

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Painswick Mill

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Tibbiwell Lane

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S1052906 copy S1052908 copy S1052909 copy

This was the Public Bath House until 1977

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S1052911 copy

S1052910 copy

Catholic Church   S1052915 copy

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S1052917 copy


Now a hairdresser, once the New Inn, then a police station among other uses

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St Mary’s Lane

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Loveday’s House, 18th century

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17th century spectacle stocks

S1052920 copy

The Court House 1604

S1052922 copy

The churchyard is famous for its yew trees and table top tombs

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S1052925 copy

The Lych Gate

S1052926 copy

St Mary’s

S1052927 copyNearby

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