Pitchcombe from Stroud

Gloucestershire                                                                                         Photos by Hetty

9th May 2020                    5 miles                 Map of walk

Yellow fields at Hammond’s Farm, looking towards Callowell

and Whiteshill

The yellow is not buttercups

We didn’t go up to the white field to see what that was

Owl on a gate post

Lovely alpacas at Hammond’s Farm

In Pincot Lane there is a cider mill

and two cider presses

On the A46 -The Eagle – once a pub

Towards Painswick

Pitchcombe village hall by the church, once the school

Photos of Pitchcombe village are lower down the page from previous walks

This is the head of the little valley between Pitchcombe and Whiteshill

Towards Rodborough Hill

Looking back – we walked from the houses top right, down to the stream then up to the barn top left, down to the A46, then up to here

Hammond’s Farmhouse


4th April 2020                    4.3 miles                 Map of walk

This is similar to a walk we did four years ago, but in the opposite direction.

We walked to Salmon Springs, then up to Callowell, through the fields past Stokenhill to Pitchcombe.

Brown’s Hill Court is across the Painswick Valley in Wick Street

We didn’t spot this window when we walked in the other direction

For photos in Pitchcombe village – see below

We went down and up Wade’s Lane, passing the mill house and then back to Stroud along Wick Street


8th April 2016                                  5 miles                                   Map of walk                              

Pitchcombe church was rebuilt in 1819, and enlarged in 1870. It was built on the site of a church erected in 1327. It is next to the Village Hall, which was the village school, built 1803. Nearby is Wragg Castle Farm, which maybe the site of the 12th century “Ragged Castle”. The church is out of the village, but near where the castle once was.

S1050834 copy

S1050836 copy

Pitchcombe village is a little way from the church

S1050837 copy

S1050838 copy

S1050839 copy

The coach house for Pitchcombe House, mid to late 18th century

S1050840 copy

1906 on an entrance by Pitchcombe House

S1050842 copy

Pitchcombe House c.1740

S1050844 copy

S1050845 copy

S1050847 copy

Pitchcombe Upper Mill and mill pond, mid to late 18th century, on the Pitchcombe Brook.

S1050850 copy

S1050851 copy

Former mill house, early 17th century

S1050852 copy Star farmhouse, late 17th century

S1050853 copy

S1050854 copy

S1050855 copy

Looking back

S1050856 copyNearby:

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