Near Painswick, Gloucestershire                                                              Photos by Hetty

Trench Hill open garden

18th September 2022



Sheepscombe from Cranham

18th May 2020                                   5.2 miles        map of walk

From Cranham, down to the Painswick Stream, up to Pyll House (see next walk, lower down page), then to Sheepscombe; back to Cranham via Lord’s Wood, Ladies’ Wood, Saltridge Wood and Gladys’ Leap.

We started at Cranham School

which has a mosaic

Cranham Chuch

An old mill house

Tocknells Court

Oliver’s Mill was here

Panoramic view

The Butcher’s Arms at Sheepscombe

View towards Stroud

Cranham church is over there

We are getting nearer the church

Sheepscombe from Bull’s Cross

14th May 2020                                 4.3 miles          map of walk

From Bull’s Cross, we walked through Longridge, Cockshoot and Jack’s Green to Sheepscombe, then up to the cricket pitch, down to the valley, up to the church and back to Bull’s Cross.

Pyll House dated 1701, has an interesting doorway


and a weathervane

There is a lot of May blossom


The church is down there

The Butcher’s Arms

Antlers outside are unusual

The cricket field is high up and on a slope. Laurie Lee bought it, now the villagers own it.

We need to get back across the valley

The church is down there

A well trained hedge

Not sure what this is/was

We see the church again

Down by the stream is the village hall, which was once three cottages

and has a lovely weathervane

Coldstream Cottages

Then up hill to the war memorial, which has sundials on four sides

Sheepscombe church

A cider mill

View of Sheepscombe from Jack’s Green – the cricket pavilion is top left

Former Methodist Chapel


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