Bolzano = Bozen

Trentino, Italy

The north-east of Italy used to belong to Austria, so the towns have both Italian and German names

Saturday 14th June 2014, day 8                                           All photos by Hetty

We left Riva del Garda and took a bus to Rovereto, then a train to Bolzano. We walked around the old streets in the town and later had an amazing bus ride, high up into the Dolmites to Val Gardena

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Lego tiger

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The Neptune fountain, 1745

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The marble Victory Monument, Piazza Vittoria, across the Talvera bridge, 1926/28. Unfortunately, we couldn’t leave our luggage at the station, so it had to come with us.S1050699 copy

Inside the 13th-century church , Chiesa dei Domenicani, are two sets of frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries

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Bolzano cathedral and Piazza Walther = Waltherplatz

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The fountain of frogs, near the station

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