2nd February 2015                                                                      All photos by Hetty

We stopped at Chichester on our way to Portslade. It is an interesting town that still has a lot of its town walls.

East StS1054943 copy

S1054947 copy

Outside a shoe shopS1054944 copy

Tiles, either side of a shop doorway

S1054945 copy S1054946 copy

Former London and County BankS1054948 copy

Chichester Market Cross 1501. Four clocks were added to the cross in 1726S1054949 copyThe cathedral was started in the 11th centuryS1054953 copy

S1054955 copy

S1054956 copy

S1054957 copy

S1054960 copy

S1054965 copyThe cloistersS1054959 copy

S1054962 copy


S1054966 copy

S1054968 copy

The copper font and light coming through a stained glass windowS1054969 copy

S1054972 copy

S1054973 copy

S1054974 copy

S1054976 copy

S1054977 copy

S1054978 copyEarly 15th century screenS1054979 copy16th century paintingsS1054981 copy

S1054983 copy

An ancient large print book, so that several could sing from itS1054984 copy

S1054987 copy

S1054989 copy

The Lady ChapelS1054991 copy S1054992 copy

S1054994 copy

In the TreasuryS1054995 copy

S1054997 copy

A knight and his lady, holding hands. 14th centuryS1054998 copyA bell in the sailor’s chapelS1055000 copy

The Bishop’s Palace gardenS1055001 copy

The city walls – originally RomanS1055002 copy

S1055003 copy

Next day – Steyning

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