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The White Cliffs and Dover Castle

15th & 17th June 2015                                                                                     Photos by Hetty

We parked by the National Trust’s visitor centre at The White Cliffs and walked to the South Foreland Lighthouse

On the way we saw some rabbits

S1057747 copy

S1057751 copyS1057756 copy

We had a very interesting guided tour of the South Foreland Lighthouse (National Trust) (built 1846)

S1057771 copyView from the top

S1057758 copy


S1057788 copy

S1057791 copy

Walking back we can see the Port of Dover

S1057775 copy

S1057794 copy

Next we went to Dover Castle (English Heritage), where there is a lot to see, so we came back another day as well.

There may have been an iron age hill fort here, and the Romans built a lighthouse. William the Conqueror strengthen the defences in 1066. As it is such a strategic site, this has been a military castle continuously from the 1180s until 1958, so is not ruined.

S1057944 copy

S1057796 copy

The site is so big they have a free land train. By the 1250s the castle had reached the extent is is todayS1057798 copy


S1057799 copyInner bailey

S1057801 copyThe Great Tower has been decorated inside as it may have looked in medieval times, when it was rebuilt as a palace in the 1180s.

S1057834 copy

S1057805 copy

S1057806 copy

S1057807 copy

S1057808 copy

S1057809 copy

S1057810 copy

S1057823 copyS1057824 copyS1057825 copy

Mr H on the loo!

S1057826 copy

The kitchens

S1057828 copy

S1057829 copy

S1057830 copy

S1057831 copy

S1057832 copy

S1057811 copy

S1057815 copy

S1057816 copy

S1057819 copy

View of the Anglo-Saxon church and Roman lighthouse

S1057820 copyS1057821 copy

Anglo-Saxon church, and Roman lighthouse (to guide Roman ships into Dover harbour after AD43)

S1057932 copy

S1057930 copy

The church was partly rebuilt in mediaeval times, and restored by the Victorians

S1057933 copy

S1057935 copy

S1057940 copy

S1057941 copy

S1057943 copy

S1057945 copy

S1057947 copy

There are two lots of tunnels to visit with sound & vision stories ,

  • secret wartime tunnels (reused 18th century barracks)
  • the underground hospital (1940s)

as well as mediaeval tunnels

S1057948 copyVictorian post box

S1057950 copy

Queen Elizabeth’s Pocket Pistol is a 24 ft cannon built in 1544

S1057951 copy

S1057952 copy

Admiral Sir Bertram Home Ramsay

S1057953 copy

S1057954 copy

S1057955 copy

S1057956 copyOfficer’s new barracks

S1057959 copy

S1057962 copy

S1057963 copy

S1057965 copy

S1057966 copy

S1057967 copy

S1057968 copyTrebouchet

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