Sudeley Castle and Winchcombe

near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire                               Photos by Hetty

Winchcombe was the chief city of Mercia under King Offa in Anglo Saxon times

10th June 2022 – last year they had elephants, this time there is a variety of animals in the grounds


23rd April 2021  – There are elephants at Sudeley Castle at the moment



Then we left Sudeley Castle and walked to Winchcombe

Vineyard Street

Near Sudeley Castle


8th June 2016            Map of walk

We parked at Sudeley Castle and went for a walk, later we looked around the castle and gardens.

S1051366 copy

Sudeley castle’s church

S1051367 copy

Sheep in the shadeS1051368 copy

Looking back at the castle

S1051370 copy

Sudeley Hill FarmS1051373 copy

Pigs and horses in the same field

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S1051374 copy

St Kenelm’s well – a place of pilgrimage since the 9th century. The original chapel was built in the 1500s, but it was rebuilt in the 1800s

You can read about the legend of St Kenelm here

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We saw game birds and wheat

S1051387 copy S1051389 copy

Back at Sudeley Castle, this was a huge 15th century Tithe Barn

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S1051403 copy

S1051402 copy

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The oldest part of the present castle is the 15th century Dungeon Tower, but there was a manor and estate before 1066, and a fortified manor house in the 12th century.

The castle has been owned by Richard III, Henry VII, Jasper Tudor, Henry VIII, Edward VI, and Thomas Seymour (brother of Queen Jane Seymour – Henry VIII’s 3rd wife). Henry VIII and 2nd wife Anne Boleyn, and Elizabeth I have stayed there.

S1051409 copy

S1051408 copy

Replica of a mosaic found in the woods nearby

S1051411 copy

During the Civil War the castle was occupied by Royalists and Parliamentarians at different times, and was left as a ruin after the war ended in 1651

This was the banqueting hall

S1051413 copy

This was the original entrance door

S1051415 copy

A model of the castle as it used to be

S1051416 copyKnot garden

S1051418 copy

S1051419 copy


S1051421 copyS1051420 copy

The castle has its own church – St Mary’s. It was built in 1460, to replace a Norman church (built about 1070), but it was ruined in the civil war and restored in 1855

S1051422 copy

S1051423 copy

The marble font, wooden pews and screen, and the stained glass windows are Victorian

S1051425 copy

S1051427 copy

S1051428 copyQueen Katherine Parr was Henry VIII’s last wife and outlived him. She then married Thomas Seymour (her 4th husband) and lived at Sudeley Castle for a short time, but died shortly after childbirth. She was buried here in 1548, but her memorial was destroyed in the Civil War. This memorial was made in the late 1800s. She is the only English queen to be buried on private land.

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S1051430 copy S1051431 copy

There are rare breeds of pheasants

S1051434 copy S1051436 copy S1051437 copy

Part of the original moat

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Gate house

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