Rodmarton Manor

Cirencester, Gloucestershire                                                              Photos by Hetty

Rodmarton Manor is a member of the Historic Houses Association

2nd February 2022

There are lots of different types of snowdrops here – see below

All the drainpipes are fancy


3rd August 2019

We wanted to come here in the summer when the house is open, as our last visit was in the winter. The house and contents were built by craftsmen using traditional ways.


19th February 2017

It was not a very bright day, but it was the last chance to see the snowdrops here

The manor is built around a circular drive and lawn, so is laid out on a semi-circle

The garden is laid out in ‘rooms’ between old walls and hedges

There are lots of snowdrops and many varieties


and some other flowers were out too



A lonely daffodil

Winter aconite




This will be the vegetable garden

The garden was carefully planned

The other side of the summer house

The topiary must keep the gardeners busy

Sunken garden

It is a lovely garden – we must come back in the summer, when the house is open too.

On the way home we stopped off on Rodborough Common to see the view

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