Thames walk – Tower Bridge to Westminster


3rd November 2019                                                                                          All photos by Hetty

The day started with sunshine and we went to Tower Bridge to start our walk by the Thames

This was once the Port of London Authority building, opened in 1922

Tower Bridge, 1886

Girl with a Dolphin fountain

Timepiece sundial 1973 – only works in summer as it faces north

Butler’s Wharf, on the other side of the river c.1870, now luxury flats

St Katherine Docks by Thomas Telford, opened 1828, now luxury accommodation and the Dickens Inn

Back at Tower Bridge we walked west; on the other side are the London Assembly (left) and The Shard (back right)

We walked alongside the huge Tower of London, started in 1066 by William The Conqueror

The White Tower, 1078, is in the centre

St Thomas’s Tower and Traitor’s Gate

You can see ‘The Gherkin’ (back right)

A Beefeater

Model lions at the Tower

Custom House


Old Billingsgate Fish Market 1875

Clock on St Magnus the Martyr Church

By London Bridge

On the other side is Southwark Cathedral and some old warehouses

The Globe, rebuilt 1997,

is next to Tate Modern (an old power station) and the Millennium Bridge for pedestrian leads to St Paul’s on the other side

An interesting mosaic of the history of London at Queenhythe

This tower no longer has a church

St Paul’s Cathedral

The Blackfriar pub was built in 1875 and has lost its old neighbours, remaining as a wedge shaped building. It gained its art nouveau look about 1905

and has friars inside

At Victoria Embankment


Dragons mark the boundary of the City of London

Head Quarters Ship Wellington, 1934, used as a hall after WW2

Somerset House

Outside Charing Cross Station

Benjamin Franklin once lived here in Craven Street. He was a scientist, a founding father of the USA and is seen on the $100 bill.

The first Scotland Yard Metropolitan Police HQ was on this site


The Banqueting Hall, 1622, is all that is left of a huge 1500 room palace, which was destroyed by fire in 1698

A Horse Guard

Entrance to Downing Street


The Cenotaph

The London Eye on the other side of the Thames

Elizabeth Tower is shrouded in scaffolding at the moment, it is commonly called Big Ben, but that is the name of the bell. The second Scotland Yard, 1890, has red and white strips; New Scotland Yard is just along the road.

Boudicca lead Celts to defeat the Romans

The Palace of Westminster = the Houses of Parliament

This is Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in 2012 – they are covered in scaffolding at the moment

Government buildings at Westminster

In Parliament Square : Sir Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George

Gandhi and Nelson Mandela

Westminster Abbey

Central Hall

More London photos

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