Iford Manor

Near Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire                                                                          Photos by Hetty

3rd June 2018                     www.ifordmanor.co.uk                                                Map of walk

First we went for a walk, passing the manor

Two kites were hovering

There was a scarecrow trail in Westwood and we saw a few characters

The aqueduct at Avoncliffe – the canal crosses the river Avon

There are right angle turns at each end of the aqueduct

It is quiet tricky when 2 narrow-boats are passing on the corner

River Avon and railway

Boat passing the railway station

An old mill

The pub was busy – lots of people in the garden over looking the river

The other end of the aqueduct

A train stops at the aqueduct station

Ancliff Square started as weavers cottages, then became a workhouse, a hotel, flats and now returned to houses. The weathervane of a car is over the garage

A heron on the other side of the river

A dog wanted his ball, but the swan was protecting its family

An old mill

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Iford Manor Garden website – a member of Historic Houses Association

On the right are a chair and sofa hedge

Statue of Britannia on the bridge

The garden at Iford Manor in on a hill, with winding paths, terraces, statues, water features and summer houses



A lovely garden you have to explore


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