Lago di Tenno to Riva del Garda

Lake Garda, Italy                                                                  Map of Lake Garda

Wednesday 11th June 2014, day 6                                    All photos by Hetty

Map of walk   Distance 7.5 miles Time 5 hours 10 mins

We took a bus from Riva del Garda to Lake Tenno – the blue lake at 665 meters = 2,180 ft above see level – and walked back down to Riva 70m = 230ft


Lago di Tenno was formed by a landslide in about 1100, which blocked the stream.

It was so beautiful and serene.S1050470 copy

S1050475 copy

We walked down the mountain.

Looking down to the town of Tenno, and Riva on Lake Garda

S1050483 copy

First we came to the village of CanaleS1050482 copy

The mediaeval village (its documents date back the the 13th century) of Canale di Tenno is said to be one of the most beautiful in Italy, with its narrow paved alleys, arcades, small squares, and houses set one against the other. It was was abandoned after the war, which is why it is unspoilt, and was revived  in the 1960s as an artists centre.

S1050485 copy

S1050486 copyS1050488 copyS1050489 copy


S1050490 copy

S1050492 copyS1050491 copy

Just outside Canale

S1050493 copy

This represents the joining together of communitiesS1050494 copy

The town of TennoS1050499 copy

S1050501 copy

S1050502 copyS1050504 copy


S1050506 copy

It was very hot the whole week – 35 degrees C hereS1050510 copy

Tenno Castle – 12th centuryS1050511 copy

A lot of the paths are very steep. Mr H consults the mapS1050512 copyRivaS1050515 copy b

Next stop is down there – Varonne gorge and 90 m waterfallVaronne waterfall

S1050516 copy

S1050517 copyS1050520 copy

S1050518 copyS1050519 copy

S1050521 copy

S1050522 copy

Looking back to where we came from (up on the left)S1050524 copy

The Varonne river comes from the waterfall. We followed the river to ‘home’

S1050526 copy

We started from behind the mountain on the rightS1050533 copy

Next day – Torbole  and Nago

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