Sculpture Trail

Beechenhurst, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

28th August 2017                                                                                             All photos by Hetty

5.1 miles   Map of walk

It was a lovely day for a walk in the forest, and the sculptures are interesting. We saw some that were there years ago, but many are more recent, and others have been reclaimed by the forest.

This is called ‘Mycelium’ and has lights running along, to represent the fungi in the ground

This echoes the shaft of a mine, and the fish shape alludes to being between the Rivers Severn and Wye


This was a dome in 1986, representing charcoal

This tree has a long branch


Iron Road – each sleeper is different

A life-sized wire deer in the distance

Bamboo is unusual here

These trees made a good place to sit for a snack

A stone fir cone and acorn cup

A house that represents a mine shaft

This block is made from a entire oak tree

A tree fossil and logs made of cast iron

This is a cast of the face of the quarry behind



After lunch we went to Soudley Ponds


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