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21st June 2014, day 16                                                                           All photos by Hetty

We had a day in Verona on our way home from Val Gardena, in the Dolomites. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the train station to the historic centre. It was originally an important Roman town.

Puorta Nuova, Roman, near the Train and bus stations

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Portoni della Brà – Entrance to Piazza Brà, which was used for the wood, hay, straw and livestock market in the 12th century

S1051463 copyPalaces on the Listòn

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The Arena –  The  third largest Roman amphitheatre in Italy, built early in the first century AD and still used today – seats 25,000 people.

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The were putting up scenery for an opera

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Inside the Arena

S1051495 copyLooking down from Arena to Piazza Bra, with 19th century Palazzo Barbieri, now city hall (left with columns) and Palazzo della Gran Guardia (right)

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Via MazziniS1051499 copy

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Casa di Giulietta 13th century – Juliet’s house, with balcony! Now a museumS1051508 copy

JulietS1051511e copy

Piazza delle Erbe (Market square on the site of the Roman forum) with, left to right:  the Torre dei Gardello – restored and heightened in 1363; Palazzo Maffei – facing, 17th century with statues of Greek gods on top; frescoed Casa Mazzanti; and the Torre dei Lamberti.

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The fountain (left) was built in 1368 and uses a statue called Madonna Verona, which is a Roman sculpture dating to 380 AD; the statue of the Lion of Saint Mark is on a white marble column 1524; and the frescoed Casa Mazzanti 14th century (right)

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Berto Barbarani, a poet, in Piazza delle Erbe

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 Domus Mercatorum, now a bank, in Piazza delle Erbe

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Arco della Costa – an arch with a whale rib hanging from it, leads into into Piazza dei Signori

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Piazza dei Signori, (Lords’ Square),

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Palazzo del Comune

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Loggia del Consiglio – 15th century (left), mediaeval Palazzo del Podestà (brick) , and statue of Dante, 1865, Piazza dei Signori

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Arche Scaligere – Scaligeri cemetery

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Ponte PietraS1051526 copy

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Roman theatre across the river Adige, from the bridgeS1051528 copy

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Verona’s Cathedral (Duomo)

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Porta Borsari – Roman

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Canossa Palace, built in 1530, Corso Carvour

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Arco dei Gavi – Roman

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Castelvecchio, (old castle) 1354, and Ponte Scaligero

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S1051558 copy 2 drawbridges

S1051560 copy

S1051561 copyThen it was time to collect our bags from the train station, catch a bus to the airport, and fly home.

Our flight home was wonderful – we flew into the sunset.

The Alps outlinedS1051568 copy

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Looking down on Neuchâtel and the lakesS1051596 copy

Coast of FranceS1051608 copy

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The end

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