Cheshire                                                                            National Trust – Lyme Park

30th August 2015                                                                           All photos by Hetty

Map of walk  6.3 miles, 3hr 50 min

First we went for a walk around the periphery of the estate, which still has a deer park.

Former estate workshops

S1059092 copy

S1059091 copy

We passed the stables and big house – the largest in Cheshire

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S1059093 copy

We walked out to The Cage –  originally for Elizabethan ladies to view the hunt, and for banquets afterwards, it was re-built in 1737 and resembles the White Tower of the Tower of London

S1059098 copy S1059102 copy

The estate nearly reaches to the edge of Greater Manchester


S1059105 copy S1059106 copy

We had to climb several ladder stiles

S1059108 copy

A folly called the lantern can be seen from the house, and when we visited there were lights in the windows that were activated by a drum in the garden

S1059109 copy

S1059127 copy

Saxon stones, and heather on the hill

S1059117 copy S1059121 copy

Mr H washes muddy boots in the brookS1059124 copy


The entrance to the hall

S1059131 copy

Which is built around a courtyard

S1059133 copy S1059134 copy


Edwardian ladiesS1059136 copy

The old house looked like this

S1059137 copy

Looking down on the Dutch garden

S1059138 copy

Reflection Lake

S1059140 copy S1059147 copy

The orangery

S1059148 copy

Rose GardenS1059149 copy

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