Gloucester City Centre

Gloucestershire                                                      All photos by Hetty

20th October 2023

The Folk of Gloucester

26th August 2023 Gloucester Retro Festival

The gate-streets were full of old cars and there were old ships at the docks.

Kings Square


9th September 2022

Roman wall inside the Furniture Exhibition Centre

Lansons, Quay Street

Folk Museum

St Nicholas Church – mainly 13th century, with 15th century tower and Norman tympanum in the porch

Alderman John Walton and wife Alice -monument by Samuel Baldwin, whose own memorial is here

Roman wall in Gloucester Museum

King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell  on an overmantel


23rd August 2019         St. Mary de Crypt Church and School

There was a Norman church here, which was rebuilt in late C14, C15  and C16 and has recently been restored.

Medieval wall painting

Behind the screen is the Robert Raikes Chapel – he founded Sunday Schools and was buried here in 1811

Monument to Daniel Lysons

Brass memorial to the Cooke family who founded the schoolroom next door in 1539

C17 Pulpit used by George Whitefield for his first sermon in 1736 – he was one of the founders of Methodism and spent a lot of time in USA

Crypt Schoolroom – opened in 1539, the first free school in the city


22nd August 2017

The Stroud U3A photography group had a guided tour by Gloucester Civic Trust

Southgate Street

St Mary De Crypt Church

The old Crypt schoolroom

St Mary de Crypt

Part of the storytellers bench


St Michael’s tower, built in 1465 at The Cross, no longer has a church (the old and new churches were both demolished)

The market cross used to stand here – it was demolished in 1751

Baker’s clock was built in 1904 and has the figures (L to R) – An Irishwoman, John Bull, Old Father Time, a Scotsman and a Welshwoman.

The Old Bell Inn

Robert Raikes House

Robert Raikes House

Eastgate Street has several Victorian buildings

Eastgate market portico, built in 1856 was retained when Eastgate shopping centre was built in 1973

Northgate St

The New Inn was built in the early 15th century on the site of an earlier inn


The hooks are where the meat used to hang in the days before fridges



  The side of The New Inn

Westgate St

A Georgian front on an Elizabethan building

There is an alleyway where you can see the side of the Elizabethan building

Of the three top windows on the white Georgian building, only the centre one is real – the others are painted on

Beatrix Potter drew this shop and doorway in her book The Tailor of Gloucester

Shire Hall had the same architect as the British Museum in London

The spire on St Nicholas’ church was once twice the height it is now

Longsmith St

Bearland House,

The pediment on this house, was once on the house further up the road

Ladybellegate House was built c.1704. The pediment used to be here, but was sold

Gloucester Museum

We saw a few pigs on the Henson Pig Trail

There is a lot of work going on at Gloucester Cathedral

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Gloucester Docks


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