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13th June 2015                                                                                                  Photos by Hetty

Walmer Castle and garden (English Heritage) is a Tudor castle (built 1540) that became a house, and inside are the Duke of Wellington’s Boots

It has a keep with four circular bastions, and a moat

S1057675 copy

S1057630 copy S1057631 copyLooking out to sea

S1057637 copy S1057635 copy

S1057632 copy S1057633 copy

The Queen Mother’s Garden

S1057683 copy S1057677 copy    S1057685 copy

Strelitzia = bird of paradise flower

S1057688 copy S1057689 copy S1057690 copy S1057691 copy

The walls are very thick

S1057692 copyLooking from inside

S1057638 copy

From the sea shore

S1057640 copy

Next we walked along the sea front to another of Henry VIII’s castles at Deal

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