26th July 2016                                                                          Photos by Hetty

With the U3A photography group.

Northleach was a new market town in the early 1200s, when it was added to a small Saxon settlement. It is still mainly one long street, with many of the original ‘burgage plots’ (about 30 feet wide at the street, and 350 feet long) remaining. It was prosperous in the time of the wool merchants (1340 to 1540), and again in the coaching era of the 1800s. The A40 bypasses it now, so it is lovely place to wander.

An historic town walking trail leaflet is available from the church.

First we went to the Old Prison, which is now the Cotswolds Discovery Centre

It was built in 1791 as a House of Correction, based on the principles of Stroud prison reformer – Sir George Onesiphorus Paul.

There is a model of how it used to be. The keepers house remains

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The outside:

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Round the back:

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Sheds replace the cell blocks and workhouse, and have a collection of agricultural machinery and wagons

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7g copy

7l copy

This one has a sack from Townsend’s (animal food) Mill, Stroud (where Tesco is now)

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8d copy 8f copy

8i copy

8a copy

Someone has been practising thatching, and these are stone roof tiles (different sizes as you go up the roof)

10a copy

10b copy


S1052577 copy

I spy a photographer reflected in the blacksmith’s window

S1052580 copy


S1052596 copy S1052597 copy


S1052598 copy

The cells

S1052601 copy S1052602 copy

The old courtroom

S1052610 copy S1052615 copy

After escaping from the prison, we walked into Northleach, passing The Old Coal Yard

S1052625 copy

West End

S1052628 copy

S1052627 copy

The Old Brewery – late 1800s

S1052631 copy

The Cotswold Hall, rebuilt 1894

S1052634 copy S1052636 copy

S1052637 copy

S1052638 copy

The Old Forge

S1052639 copy

Former King’s Head Inn, 16th century, main coaching inn during the 1700s and 1800s

S1052640 copy

Walton House, 16th century, re-faced in 18th century, was once part of the King’s Head Inn

S1052642 copy

S1052644 copy

Around the Market Place

S1052646 copyFormer Red Lion Inn, next to former Congregational Chapel



S1052647 copy

S1052648 copy

S1052650 copy S1052651 copy

S1052714 copy

The Tudor House, once a wool merchant’s house, became an inn in the 16th century

S1052659 copy

it is now a butchers shop

S1052662 copy

College Row

S1052663 copy

S1052664 copy

S1052665 copy

S1052667 copy

S1052668 copy

S1052669 copy

The mill stream

S1052673 copyFormer mill

S1052679 copy

Former rectory by the church

S1052676 copy

Northleach Church was built in the 1400s – paid for by the wool merchants

S1052672 copy

The porch

S1052681 copy

Inside the porch

S1052693 copy

S1052690 copy

Wooden cover over 14th century stone font

S1052697 copy

S1052694 copy

Large clerestory windows make it very light

S1052701 copyS1052702 copy

There are 15th and 16th century brasses

S1052703 copyS1052705 copyS1052706 copy

Elaborate tombs

S1052708 copy

S1052712 copy

This huge barn is near the church and mill

northleach barnS1052709 copy

S1052713 copy


17th century gabled houses

S1052716 copy

The Old Grammar School, founded 1589

S1052717 copy

The Great House – owned in 1575 by a wool merchant; it became a coaching inn by 1768; later a private house; but 2/3rds were demolished in the 1930s

S1052718 copy

S1052719 copy

S1052720 copy

Old Post BoxS1052724 copyEast End

Duttond Almshouses 1615

S1052727 copy

The workhouse (1836) with its chapel (left) has 4 wings and housed 200 paupers. It became a hospital, and is now a care home

S1052725 copy

S1052723 copy


This was a surprise

S1052728 copy

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