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Greater Copenhagen, Denmark

Tuesday 16th September 2014                                                All photos by Hetty

Frilandsmuseet at Lyngby, has more than 50 farms, mills and houses from the period 1650-1940 that have been brought from most regions in Denmark and the Faeroe Islands, as well as the former Danish provinces of southern Sweden and northern Germany.

It is north of Copenhagen city centre – nearest stations are Sorgenfri and Brede.  Free admission. There is lots to see, and Brede Works is next door – also worth a visit (and free).

Click here for Denmark map. You can zoom in

Click here for map of our walk. Distance 8 miles, walk time 6 hours


Fisherman’s cottage

Windmill on original site

Farmstead from Bornholm island

Some rooms are furnished


Farmsteads and postmill

Is that seaweed on the roof?

From the Faroe Isalnds

This horse has it’s own drinking fountain

Manor from Eastern Jutland

Several of the homes had a stove for heating


Some very ornate woodwork, and ‘Dutch’ tiles



Ornate trunks

Cooperative Stores

Carpentry and joinery workshop

Several houses had the copper near the bread oven

Potters workshop

Post mill (early windmill where the whole mill turns to the wind, not just the cap).

Brede Værk was a textile factory, today it is a museum. There is lots to see including machinery, and interactive displays – you could spend a whole day here.

The owners house

The mill pond


Workers houses


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