Coughton Court

Alcester, Warwickshire

A large house and gardens, bluebells in the wood and a daffodil show                      Coughton Court National Trust

18th April 2015                                                                                 All photos by Hetty

First we went for a 3 mile walk.                                                      Map of walk

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River Arrow

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 A lot of the hedges are white with blackthornS1055758 copy

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A clock in the wood, and English bluebells

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We have a bridge to cross the river, but cars have to drive through the ford

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Looking backS1055780 copy

The Catholic Church, c. 1853–5, with heads each side of the porch door

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The chancel ceilingS1055789 copy

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The Church of England Church, next to the Court

was built between 1450 and 1590

– tower c, 1450

– main structure is Tudor c. 1500

– and it was completed 1560 to 1590

It contains tombs of the Throckmorton family.

The tomb in the centre of the church was made for Sir Robert, who died in the Holy Land in 1518, but is occupied by another Sir Robert (d.1791)

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Coughton Court from the laneS1055791 copy

Our entrance via old stables

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The house from the gardens

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The side of the house facing the churchS1055806 copy

The walled gardens

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Views from the top of the gatehouse

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S1055827 copy


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S1055832 copy

In the bog garden are Marsh Marigolds

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The lakeS1055843 copy

The National Daffodil Society’s Show, in the marquee


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