Bodiam Castle


A lovely medieval castle, built in 1385 for Sir Edward, surrounded by a moat.    

All photos by Hetty

21st October 2014                                          Bodiam Castle – National Trust East Sussex

The castle fell into disrepair in the Civil War, but was restored in the early 20th century1 copy

It has the original wooden portcullis – which is very rare.The Unicorn Badge of Sir Edward is at the top of the picture2 copyThe gatehouse from the courtyard3 copy

View from high up in the gatehouse3a copy

Ducks using the bridge3b copy



6b copy

Our guide in the Grand Hall, with the kitchens behind the archesS1054174 copy

Huge fireplace with bread ovenS1054186 copy

The well, inside a towerS1054185 copy

4 copy

From the top of a tower4b copy

S1054180 copy

Sussex countrysideS1054181 copy

An arrow slitS1054175 copyMurder holesS1054178 copy

Our last view of the lovely castleS1054201 copy

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