Cividale del Friuli

 North-east Italy

September 8th 2016                                           Photos by Hetty

Cividale del Friuli is a small town with some interesting sights, and is easily reached from Udine by train (included in FVG card). In the 12th century it was an important market town.

Piazza Paolo Diacono is the main square, and was the site of the vegetable market. It has a fountain featuring Diana and four lion’s heads, and the tourist office is heres1050316-copyA decorated pharmacy

s1050318-copy One of the fascinating sights is the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle. First is the church San Giovanni Battista

s1050319-copythen the Lombard Temple, where you can’t take photos, but there are some here. It is a small 8th or 9th century Lombard chapel, with detailed decoration and 14th century frescoes (included in FVG card).

The River Natisone with the first mountains of the Julian Alps in the distance


The church of SS. Pietro e Biagio has a 16th century painted façade showing St. Christopher

s1050327-copyMedieval house


Palazzo dei Provveditori – designed by Andrea Palladio (creator of Palladian style architecture – see Vicenza), and it was completed in 1596 – contains the Museo Archeologico di Cividale. It has the skeleton of a horse, which was buried with its Longobard master.

s1050329-copyThe Town Hall – 13th century with 16th century modifications – and a modern bronze statue of Julius Caesar, who founded the town.

s1050330-copyBasilica of Santa Maria Assunta, 15th to 18th century  – replaced earlier churches


The 1457 doorway is decorated with pink and white marbless1050336-copy



There is a fine twelfth century silver altarpiece, the Pala di Pellegrino.





s1050340-copy S. Francesco Church behind the 15th century Ponte del Diavolo (the Devil’s Bridge)


A tantalising view of the mountains from the edge of Cividale



Forum Julius Caesar (Foro Giulio Cesare), National Boarding School and Adelaide Ristori monument



Porta San Pietro

s1050347-copyWar memorial in a park


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Trip details (if you are planning a visit – check times):

SAF Bus Latisanotta (8.42) to Udine (9.50)

Train Udine (10.30) to Cividale (10.52)


Train Cividale (15.00) to Udine (15.22)

SAF Bus  Udine (18.00) to Latisanotta (19.15)


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