Moneglia to Deiva Marina

Liguria, Italy                  Map of Riviera di Levante, Italy                All photos by Hetty

28th April 2015                                                                                      Introduction to this holiday

Walk 15 from our book – 5 miles, tricky in places, with a difficult descent

This former abbey is now a hotel

S1056007 copy

San Giorgio church – one of many with black and white stripes

S1056008 copy

S1055998 copy

In the church is George and the dragon   S1056004 copy

We saw a lot of these patterns, especially outside churches

S1056005 copy

Church of Santa Croce

S1056009 copyS1056012 copy

S1056016 copy S1056010 copy

A small chapel at LittornoS1056020 copy

There were white bells in the forest and in this olive plantation

S1056018 copy

S1056021 copy

We walked through the village of Lemeglio

S1056024 copy

and could see where we started at Moneglia, and the 2 churches we visited

S1056027 copy

S1056028 copy

Then we went higher


S1056032 copy

It is well signposted in places, with times not distances

S1056033 copy

Having climbed up high, it is a long way down! S1056034 copy

Deiva Marina is our destination –  and here is a lift to get the harvest down the hill

S1056035 copy

S1056039 copy

Another baroque church, at DeivaS1056045 copy

We reach the sea

S1056052 copyS1056051 copyS1056046 copy



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