Seiser Alm = Alpe di Suisi

Val Gardena, Dolomites, Italy                       map of Val Gardena               Start of Val Gardena holiday

17th June 2014, day 12                                                                                All photos by Hetty

We took the cable car from St. Ulrich to Seiser Alm – see yellow cross, then walked track 6a to Icaro Hutte, track 3a to Compatsch 1844m, down to 1727m, and up a chairlift to Spitzbuhl 1935m, track 5  to Panorama 2009, track 6 to Ritsh 1841m, track 6b then 6 to Sanon,  Sole, and back up to Mont Seuc 2005m = 6,500ft to catch the cable back down to St Ulrich.

Yellow marks the walk. Total distance 11.5 miles  Total time 6h.5 hours.

The walk was relatively easy, but it was steep to return to the cable car and the chair lift was not open until the following weekmap

Map of walk part 1              Map of walk part 2

This is Schlern = Sciliar. We are heading for Compatsch – see arrowS1050907a copy

S1050913 copy

No cars are allowed up here in summer, but there are horses and busesS1050916 copy

S1050918 copy

Grey cowsS1050923 copy

S1050926 copy

S1050929 copy

S1050932 copy

S1050933 copy

We took a  handy chairlift – looking back to CompatschS1050934 copy

You can see why we took the chairlift instead of walking up hereS1050939 copy

We started at the arrowS1050946a copy

S1050948 copy

S1050949 copy

S1050952 copy

S1050953 copy

S1050970 copy

S1050972 copy

S1050974 copy

S1050978 copy

S1050981 copy

We have to get back to the cable car station (arrow)S1050984a copy

That is Secada where we were yesterdayS1050986 copy

S1050989 copy

Sassolungo – tomorrow we will go around the back and take a cable car to the arrow

S1050991a copy

S1050992 copy

S1050993 copy

S1050997 copy

S1050999 copy

Looking back at where we have been todayS1051001 copy

S1051003 copy

St Ulrich – with our house markedS1051009a copy

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