Reading Town and Waterways


23rd September 2017                        Photos by Hetty

We followed the ‘Reading Town, River and Canal’ history trail on – 3miles

We started at the Queen Victoria statue opposite the Town Hall

The Town Hall and Museum are four Victorian buildings – going left to right:

We walked along part of the Thames Path and saw various types of boats

This lock avoids the weir in the river

A lone swan

A spider on its web between plants

This barge has come from Saul Junction

The conkers were dropping from the trees – don’t stand there too long

This heron stood still near our river bank while people walked by

The junction of the rivers Thames and Kennet

From the horseshoe bridge at the junction

There were lots of swans (and a few geese and ducks) here

Reading was once famous for biscuits and this was part of the biscuit factory (which was the size of a small town in its heyday)

Huntley and Palmers were once the largest biscuit manufacturer in the world

This gate has a silhouette of Oscar Wilde, who spent some time in Reading Gaol (nearby)

There was once a huge Abbey here – now the ruins are being restored

Forbury Gardens is a Victorian park, on the site of the outer court of Reading Abbey

This huge lion is a war memorial for the Battle of Maiwand in Afghanistan in 1880.

One of the surviving parts of Reading Abbey

There are several fancy Victorian buildings in Reading town centre


We enjoyed our wander around the waterways of Reading, on a warm September afternoon


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