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5th September 2015                                                                            All photos by Hetty

On our way home we stopped at Kenilworth Castle, once owned by Robert Dudley, a favourite of Queen Elizabeth I

Crossing the causeway, where jousting used to take place:

S1059327 copy

Tudor stables

S1059330 copy

Inside the stables

S1059342 copy

Leicester’s Buildings (left) and the Keep (right)

S1059339 copyS1059340 copy

The gatehouse was built in 1570 and after the Civil War became a house

S1059341 copy

Inside the gatehouse is a painting of how the castle used to look, when it was surrounded by water  S1059334 copy

Panelling and fireplaces were moved from the castle to the gatehouse

S1059335 copy S1059336 copy

S1059332 copy

The garden that was made for Elizabeth I has been restored

S1059346 copy

S1059361 copy

S1059347 copy

S1059348 copy

This shows how thick the walls are

S1059351 copyS1059350 copy

  S1059352 copy S1059360 copy

The Great Hall  S1059363 copy

The keep

S1059364 copy

Looking down on the causeway

S1059368 copy


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