West Sussex                                                                                                 Photos by Hetty

5th May 2017                                                                                                Map of walk

We followed an AA walk – ‘ Meandering around Midhurst’   4.35 miles  1 h 45 m

North St

Church Hill


Bottle and Jug – C17 or earlier

This part of The Spread Eagle Inn dates back to 1430

This part of The Spread Eagle Inn dates from mid 1600s

South Pond

An unusual horse

One man, five horses

Yellow windows and doors indicate the buildings are on the Cowdray Estate

Horse chestnut flowers

Lots of bluebells

On St Ann’s Hill there used to be a Norman castle

Cows at Cowdray

Cowdray House – a great Tudor house ruined by fire in 1793

Next – Hungerford

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